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Job Summary

Chemical Lab Techs serve in support of power plants, energy delivery, other AEP entities, and third party interests, performing a variety of independent, non-routine, and more complex quantitative analyses using sophisticated laboratory instrumentation. Performs, under Supervision, the preparation of environmental, industrial hygiene, and industrial/manufacturing samples prior to analysis; routine chemical analyses, sampling techniques, calculating, and recording results for environmental, industrial hygiene, and industrial/manufacturing samples. Performs a variety of technical duties requiring some independent analyses, organizing work and providing input for setting priorities and negotiating deadlines, training lower level employees, participating on problem solving teams, working on multiple projects, recommending alternative analytical techniques, and learning to making analytical decisions based on quality control results and trends.

Job Description


1) Essential function:

  1. Chemical Lab Techs follow established laboratory processes and procedures, perform analysis of laboratory data and process and document analysis results.

2) Follows established Laboratory Policies and Procedures:

  1. Performs with supervision a variety of duties of a technical nature requiring some independent analysis and exhibiting fundamental understanding of lab procedures.
  2. Demonstrates competency in routine procedures and analytical techniques under the guidance of experienced technicians and exempt personnel.
  3. Anticipates needs for reagents and supplies and plans accordingly while balancing lead times, due dates and current supplies.
  4. Assists in maintaining equipment and assists in the formulation of safety improvements.
  5. Understands and practices safe laboratory procedures and serves as a member of a safety team.
  6. Demonstrates competencies required for accuracy and precision of analytical data for laboratory certification.
  7. Participates in training of lower level technicians and exempt employees on laboratory procedures.
  8. Plans work by priority under supervision.
  9. Ensures work quantity and quality by requiring strict adherence to NIOSH methods, EPA (and EPA-approved), and ASTM (and ASTM-modified) standard operating procedures as appropriate. (moved from Other Requirements).

3) Perform daily operations for chemical analyses:

  1.  Assists higher classified employees in more complex technical work activities, shows proficiency in mathematical calculations, and demonstrates knowledge of the laboratory information management system.
  2. Performs and reviews calculations and evaluates test data.
  3. Demonstrates mastery of routine analyses and the procedural techniques to perform non-routine analyses.
  4. Develops techniques to efficiently handle simultaneous analysis of different samples requiring diverse analytical techniques and analysis of large batch samples.
  5. Identifies problems in analytical methods and instrumentations and discusses a course of action with a higher level employee.
  6. Performs routine and non-routine quantitative and qualitative analyses independently ensuring that all are performed in accordance with established procedures.
  7. Assists in analyzing asbestos by bulk analysis, etc. or fiber identification which is conducted by preparing material and viewed under a microscope using Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM).
  8. 3b) Perform daily operations for chemical analyses cont:
  9. Assists with analyzing asbestos-airborne fiber count (NIOSH 7400). This analysis may include testing air samples for asbestos and other fibers by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).
  10. Develops an awareness of the relationships among sample turnaround time, sample load, and internal and external customer requirements; and makes routine decisions in the scheduling of assigned work based on these relationships.
  11. Identifies the need to negotiate a change in deadlines to accommodate changing workloads.
  12. Displays technical knowledge needed to resolve basic problems encountered in analytical methods and instrumentation.
  13. Demonstrates ability to maintain clear and concise written records of analytical work and develops a basic knowledge of the sample tracking system.

4) Documents daily operations and activities:

  1. Assists in the preparation of reports on laboratory activities.
  2. Develops an understanding of valid analytical results based upon sound quality control procedures, the proper operation of analytical instruments, and the proper execution of analytical methods.
  3. Develops the ability to discern and communicate trends in analytical quality control results and subtle changes in the performance of analytical instruments and method conditions that may lead to invalid data if corrective action is not taken.
  4. Assimilate


Education requirements are listed below: Associate's degree in chemistry, related sciences, industrial hygiene, or engineering field.

Work Experience requirement listed below: Minimum two years' experience in related field.

Required License(s)/Certification(s) are listed below: Valid state driver's license.


Physical demand level is Not Yet Determined.These are additional expectations for the job and could include specific work experience, license / certifications, preemployment testing, expectations about travel, shift work, etc.

1. Exhibit basic organizational, planning, and analytical knowledge and experience.

2. Obtain license/certifications required if assigned to industrial hygiene analyses, but can be obtained after employment.

3. Develop skills for improved decision making, for efficient organization of work to meet deadlines, and for effective troubleshooting of analytical procedures and instrumentation.

4. Demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behavior and support the Company's Corporate Compliance Policy and national standards.

5. Minimum experience is demonstrated mastery of knowledge and experience requirements of lower level positions in this job family.

6. Ability to work around hazardous chemical and potentially contaminated matrices.



List physical demands required for this job, but not limited to: Ability to work around hazardous chemical and potentially contaminated matrices. Job code: 72251


Compensation Data

Compensation Grade:


Compensation Range:

$20.66-25.82 USD

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