Control Technician, Jr.

Appalachian Power Company
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Job Summary

Perform technical and specialized work of a skilled nature in connection with electrical and control systems; analysis, detection and repair of single loop control systems , electronic devices, communication systems, and instruments such as meters, gauges and regulators; assist others in making tests, surveys and layout work and the development of reports documenting results.

Job Description


1) Locate and repairing defects in control systems involving electrical , electronic, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic components, using elementary, wiring, schematic, logic or control diagrams

2) Install, remove, inspect, adjust, repair and calibrate instrumentation not associated with active trips such as: pressure, temperature, flow, gas analyzing, transmitting, receiving, recording, chemical testing devices and other equipment as assigned. Make simple circuit analysis and repair relays, electronic devices, meters, communication components and similar circuits.

3) As directed, perform simple control system monitoring and program modifications using a computer interface terminal and available monitoring systems including installed data historians as well as stand-alone data collection systems. Includes but is not limited to control diagnostics on distributed control systems (DCS) and control diagnostics and troubleshooting of programmable logic control systems (PLC). Complete technical calculations as necessary to support modifications, and document all changes.

4) Complete low and medium voltage circuit breaker electrical /mechanical interlock checks, repairs and adjustments that are associated with breakers and plant electrical control and distribution systems.

5) Perform preventive maintenance and repair activities on equipment such as: batteries, motors, compressed air systems, fork-lifts, electric heaters, HVAC systems, etc.

6) Make required equipment checks and inspections. Record data, assist in performing tests and prepare reports, graphs, sketches and curves. Compile and record data relating to projects, tests, and investigations. Insure all work is performed in accordance with all standards and specifications and documented appropriately.

7) Assist with engineering layouts and preparing data for engineering procedures, specifications, contracts, bills of materials and requisitions for the installation, maintenance and operation of equipment.

8) Complete control loop and input output checks on new and replacement equipment.

9) Use the work management system to locate or request parts, create work requests/work orders and search and record work histories if applicable.

10) Request and accept permits to insure that equipment to be worked on has been properly cleared and tagged. Assist in installing and removing grounds as directed.

11) Assist in installing and removing grounds as directed.

12) Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.


Education requirements are listed below: Two year Associates degree in electronics or a qualifying Engineering or Science, or high school diploma two or more years of related military experience, or a high school diploma with 5 or more years of related industrial technical electrical or controls experience.

Work Experience requirement listed below: Must have performed the duties of, and maintained all the qualifications of Control Technician-Junior and must be able to pass an examination and/or qualification demonstrations as determined by the Company.

Required License(s)/Certification(s) are listed below: Must possess the appropriate State driver's license.


Physical demand level is Medium and requirements details are listed below:

Must have sufficient experience in the use of power industrial instrumentation to have a working knowledge of process control, and be able to inspect, repair, tune, and modify single element control loops.

Must have the working knowledge and skill needed to calibrate and adjust plant instruments and controls, and be capable of detecting and making repairs to control systems.

Must be able to perform necessary engineering calculations for test results, reports, performance and records. Must be able to read, interpret and work from moderately complex prints and specifications.

Must have a working knowledge of equipment and clearance procedures, and the rules, safety practices and procedures applicable to the work. Must have a working knowledge of OSHA, Regulatory, and Environmental guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Must be able to lead and direct other employees and obtain cooperation and satisfactory work results. Must have demonstrated the ability to physically and mentally perform work in all areas and height

Must possess the appropriate State driver's license.Perform duties in accordance with all federal, state, local and company environmental, safety and health regulations, policies, procedures, rules and practices. Report unsafe conditions, practices, irregularities and abnormal conditions to appropriate supervision Stop all unsafe work



1) Lifting up to 50 pounds; carry 35 pounds, push pull up to 65 pounds

2) Frequent walking and standing

3) Climb ladders and stairs, squat, kneel

4) Ability to use hand tools and motorized equipment

5) Environmental conditions of cold, heat, dust, fumes

Compensation Data

Compensation Grade:


Compensation Range:

$36.16-41.46 USD

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