Equipment Operator Jr. - Equipment Operator

Appalachian Power Company
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Job Summary

Perform semi-skilled manual work, maintenance and operating duties in connection with power plant operation, as assigned. Job duties may vary, depending on the line-of-progression (Operations, Maintenance or Coal Yard).

Job Description


1) Isolate, clean, open, replace, inspect, close and return to service strainers, heat exchangers and dust collectors.

2) Operate, clean, service and lubricate portable power-driven tools and equipment. Maintain tools, equipment and work areas in a clean and orderly condition. Utilize portable meters, analyzers and equipment to conduct tests and monitoring. Lubricate and check lubrication equipment; adjust packing glands as necessary and perform necessary operative maintenance, using appropriate hand tools. Operate oil filtering equipment.

3) Operate, regulate, adjust, clean and perform minor maintenance on bottom ash and flash handling equipment, including associated pumps, piping and valves. Monitor and inspect all plant equipment for normal operation. Identify and report abnormal conditions to the proper authority and write work orders.

4) Perform simple disassembly and assembly work, clean and recondition parts, lubricate, bolt, unbolt, wire brush and open and close inspection doors. Prepare equipment work surfaces and areas by removing insulation guards and simple housings; remove pipe covering and insulation and prepare such surfaces for recovering. Erect and remove simple scaffolding and rigging. Perform minor maintenance work on heating and plumbing systems such as repair valves, repair and replace fittings and short sections of piping; clean and replace traps.

5) Load, unload, move and handle materials, supplies and equipment, open boxes, barrels, bags and other materials. Operate material handling equipment including hoists, fork-lift trucks, skid steer loaders, small tractors and automotive equipment and their associated equipment and perform duties incidental to the operation of such equipment.

6) Perform routine cleaning of plant areas and equipment, including outside areas, as assigned. Clean oil igniters and nozzles.

7) Assist in preparing boilers and auxiliaries for operation and removal from service. Monitor coal feed to mills and burners and observe conditions of fires and furnaces. Hand lance slag in boilers, hand- operating soot blowers, unplugging ash lines, disposing of clinkers and other similar work.

8) Use flow diagrams to identify system piping and equipment and revise these prints as required. Make required equipment checks and assist in performing tests and preparing related reports, graphs and curves.

9) Perform duties in accordance with Company's safety rules, operating regulations and practices and report unsafe conditions and practices. Train for and carry out assignments in firefighting, first aid and other emergency response programs as required.

10) Perform similar or less skilled work as assigned.

Education requirements are listed below:

  • Associate degree in engineering, industrial or energy technology;
  • OR Associate degree in another discipline and two (2) years of related work experience;
  • OR high school diploma with four (4) years of related work experience
  • OR high school diploma with two (2) years of related military experience. Related experience is listed under Principal Accountabilities.

Required License(s)/Certification(s) are listed below:

  • Possess a valid State driver's license.


Physical demand level is Medium and requirements details are listed below:

  • Able to stand or walk continuously for up to 12 hours.
  • Successful completion of the Plant Operator Selection System (POSS) and the Plant Maintenance Selection System (MASS) tests are required for this position. A review of Employment Testing Information, Test-Taking Tips, together with the POSS and MASS Practice Tests may be helpful. A link to these materials may be found at Careers by selecting Employment testing.
  • A physical abilities assessment is also required for this position.
  • Must satisfactorily complete and exhibit competency, in such time frames as may be established by the Company, all required training to advance to the Equipment Operator, Maintenance Mechanic-Junior, Coal Handler (depending on the line-of-progression) or vacate the Equipment Operator-Junior classification. This includes the ability to gain a working knowledge of all applicable operating instructions and procedures.
  • Must be able to learn the rules, safety practices and procedures applicable to the work.
  • Must be able to learn the tools and equipment and their use as required in the work.
  • Must be able to read, interpret and work from simple prints and specifications and have the ability to gain a working knowledge of OSHA and Environmental guidelines.
  • Able to work rotating shifts.



Compensation Data

Compensation Grade:


Compensation Range:

$23.58-27.05 USD

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