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HVAC Engineer

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Tampa FL

Applied Photonix LLC. was established in 2023 as a subsidiary of Holtec International. The company develops innovative technologies that eradicate harmful pathogens from the air. 

Prompted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Applied Photonix developed a method to exterminate the spread of viruses, organic volatiles, spores, molds and other airborne pathogens in indoor air. The result is their upcoming technology that protects human health by destroying these pathogens where they spread, indoor environments. It utilizes a combination of filtration, advanced photonic technology and LED lighting to destroy pathogens in the air, the end products being carbon dioxide and water. The device has ease of maintenance and nearly universal applicability. It can be retrofitted into existing central air systems or built into new construction. It can be used in small and large environments, including residential and commercial buildings, as well as hospitals and medical facilities. 

Minimum responsibilities:

  • Design retrofit of Applied Photonix’s system in the air filtration system of air handlers of commercial, medical, and other buildings, and other indoor spaces.
  • Design Applied Photonix’s air filtration system for commercial, medical, and other buildings, and other indoor spaces.
  • Convert filter media specifications into target filter-pleat designs for the needed end- applications.
  • Develop designs of Applied Photonix’s system for various applications.
  • Assist the manufacturing team in the manufacture of systems.
  • Coordinate filter performance testing as per established protocols and test methods like ASHAE 52.2, etc.
  • Manage installation of the Applied Photonix system in buildings.

Job requirements:

  • The ideal candidate has an engineering degree, preferably mechanical engineering.

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the design and operation of air filtration/circulation and air handler part of HVAC systems for commercial/institutional type of buildings.

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