Instructor, Nuclear Ops Plant - Plant Hatch

Georgia Power Company
Georgia, United States

Nuclear Operations Plant Instructor - Plant Hatch, Baxley, GA

 Please note: This position will be filled at the grade level that reflects the candidate's work experience and qualifications.



JOB SUMMARY: The nuclear operations plant instructor teaches and evaluates initial and/or continuing training to operations personnel and others. The instructor performs or consults on all phases of the systematic approach to training. Instructors model and maintain standards in all training environments. Additionally, instructors assist in detecting and correcting performance gaps.


Educational Requirements:
• High school diploma or equivalent
• Bachelor's degree in engineering or related science desirable
• Current or previous SRO or RO license or certification at a commercial nuclear operating facility preferred

Background/Experience Requirements
• A total of five (5) years of commercial power plant experience of which a minimum of one (1) year is nuclear power plant experience is preferred

• Knowledge of the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) is preferred
• BWR experience preferred
• Knowledge of or participation in licensed operator requalification programs and examinations preferred


• Analyze jobs, tasks, and training as needed to support new or modified requirements
• Participate in performance gap analysis as needed
• Design objectives and evaluations
• Develop training material
• Implement training solutions
• Evaluate effectiveness of individual training interventions
• Ensuring standards and expectations meet industry excellence and are being reinforced in training and on shift
• Closing Operations gaps to excellence
• Ensuring Operations Training Programs maintain accreditation
• Fill a designated position in the Emergency Response Organization