Martins Creek PCO Specialist (Control Room Operator)

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Talen Energy has a job opening for a PCO Specialist (Control Room Operator) for the Martins Creek power plant, which is a dual fuel station (natural gas & oil) comprised of 2 units with 850 MW output each.  The Martins Creek station is located in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Normally, without supervision, the PCO Specialist places in and removes from service various units of boiler, turbine, generator, transformer, line and auxiliary equipment at Martins Creek 

Duties include but are not limited to:

1. Starts and stops remote controlled equipment; constantly observes operation under automatic and remote-manual control operation by means of indicating and recording devices.

2. Synchronizes generators and controls station generating equipment, power supply to all auxiliaries and station buses of various voltages.

3. Assumes remote-manual control operation of all major station equipment, in event of failure of automatic control, until automatic control is restored.

4. Directs equipment attendants to operate equipment manually in event of failure of both automatic and remote-manual control.

5. Makes minute-to-minute adjustments to maintain operating equipment at maximum efficiency at all times.

6. Operates control room telephone switchboard and FM radio equipment. Communicates with System Operator for readings, station loading, voltage regulation, operating problems and outage permits. Prepares System Operator's permits on approval of System Operator. Determines blocking and issue permits on main plant electrical and mechanical equipment.

7. Reports need for, and assists with, repairs.

8. Records log sheet data; replaces charts on recording instruments.

9. All duties associated with Martins Creek Specialist.

10. Performs such other related duties as assigned or as necessary.



1. Satisfactory performance as a Martins Creek Specialist
2. Must have at least 10 years of power plant operating experience OR at least 10 years of combined power plant operating and
maintenance experience, OR equivalent training & experience.


Preference will be given to candidates with prior control room experience as determined by plant management.

1. 10 years of power plant operating experience or at least 10 years of combined power plant operating and maintenance experience, or equivalent training & experience.

2. High School education or equivalent.

3. Possess a valid PA driver license.

4. Successfully pass required Skills trades test or equivalent (POSS).

5. Satisfactory completion of Journeyman Electrician, Journeyman Mechanic, equivalent Vo-Tech education or demonstrated experience.
6. Ability to follow rules and procedures for the operation of equipment and to make decisions of a complex nature. Alertness to detect and report abnormal operating conditions.

7. Ability to analyze abnormal conditions quickly and make prompt decisions based on analysis and judgment.

8. Sufficient manual skill to obtain accurate and precise regulations and adjustments of equipment by means of push buttons, small levers, knobs, etc.

9. Coordination and sustained mental attention required in operation of equipment.
10. Alertness in observation of hazards and prevention of accidents.

11. Thorough knowledge of safety rules applicable to work performed.

12. Cooperation with all employees.


Note: You will have an opportunity to add attachments to your application. Please use this opportunity to upload your resume, cover letter, and any relevant documents .

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