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Master Thesis - Spring β€˜24 - Trading Team #2

Stockholm Sweden SE

🌟 Ready to Power the Future with Flower? Join us as a Master Thesis student in the trading team for spring 2024! 🌟

πŸš€ About Flower: At Flower, we're the driving force behind the renewable energy revolution. We believe electricity is the key to fighting climate change. As the backbone of innovation, we're reshaping the electricity landscape to make renewables the norm. Operating a cutting-edge virtual power plant, we optimize diverse assets for maximum benefit at every levelβ€”local, regional, and system-wide.

πŸ’Ό Thesis - Predicting ancillary service market prices using game theory and reinforcement learning: This thesis aims to predict the ancillary market price for the next two days applying a game theoretical approach and reinforcement learning. The study will involve the exploration of relevant data sources, feature engineering techniques, and the implementation of the reinforcement learning approach. Through experimentation and evaluation, this thesis attempts to identify the most robust and accurate models for predicting the power of the solar power plant. Additionally, the study will provide valuable insights into the practical applications and potential limitations of these models in the real world.

🌟 Your Impact:

* Combine the power of innovative techniques with the accessibility of parametric models

* Stay ahead with industry trends in a present-day, relevant topic

* Write a thesis that matters and can be used in practice

🎯 Your Profile: You study physics, computer science or a related field. You are proficient in a programming language commonly used for machine learning (e.g., Python, R). You're eager to learn and thrive in a fast-paced, innovative startup environment. Fluency in English is a must.

⚑ Why Flower: Be part of an exciting, fast-paced startup environment where your ideas matter. Enjoy the freedom to innovate and make a real impact.

🌐 Location: Our Stockholm office is buzzing at Sâder MÀlarstrand 21, just a short walk from Gamla Stan subway station. We believe in flexibility, allowing you to balance office and remote work for maximum productivity.

🌼 Ready to Bloom with Flower? If you're passionate about driving the green energy revolution, we invite you to apply for this thrilling opportunity. Share your CV and a brief motivational letter showcasing your personality, career aspirations, and reasons for choosing Flower. We're excited to hear from you! 🌼

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