Quality Assurance Junior Engineer - Hitachi Rail MRS1 Project

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Job Description:

Job Title: Quality Assurance Junior Engineer
Grade: Junior Engineer
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Company: Hitachi Rail MRS1
Salary Range: As per the industry

Company Overview:

Hitachi Rail is a fully integrated, global provider of transport solutions across rolling stock, signaling services and turnkey.

Interface Networks & Communication links:

1. Internal:
Lead Participating Units/departments/factories (Hitachi units), Project Stakeholders (Hitachi India & Global Management).

2. External:
Customer (MMRDA/DMRC/BEML), Project Partners, Suppliers & Contractors.

Job Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Inspection and quality judgement acumen for issue handling of products & installation activities.

  • Supplier & Customer handling.

  • Project Quality Management.

1. Verification of Hitachi Equipment installation:

  • Verify installation of Hitachi equipment at Car level & keep track of installation status with equipment Sr. Nos.

  • Check for any missing parts in the supplied equipment including their hardware, as & when they are discovered at unpacking or installation stage & resolve it with supplier, Hitachi internal units & BEML, as applicable

2. Product NCR Management:

  • Lead & follow up on the resolution of product quality issues in Hitachi equipment, observed during installation, validation, testing (including pre-test visual checks) & revenue service at BEML/ Mumbai depot and coordinate with supplier & internal Hitachi units for their proper resolution.

  • Prepare Non-conformity reports (NCRs) & send to suppliers for the above-mentioned product quality issues in coordination with Hitachi, Japan team.

  • In case of Customer as well as Hitachi issued NCRs, support Project Quality Assurance engineer and coordinate with suppliers and internal Hitachi units to receive the investigation & 8D reports.

  • Review these reports appropriately, in coordination with Hitachi, Japan & ensure proper 8D & improvement actions are defined (containment, root cause analysis & corrective/ preventive actions).

  • Follow up & ensure effective implementation of all the defined 8D & improvement actions on existing and future lots, as applicable.

  • Coordinate with suppliers’ service engineers during their visit to BEML & Mumbai depot for product issue resolutions as may be required from time to time.

  • Visit Bangalore factory for supporting Hitachi, factory team for issue resolutions with suppliers, as may be required from time to time.

  • Support Project Quality Assurance engineer in overall NCR & Quality issues management - track & update Quality Issue (lessons learnt) tracker, Hitachi & Customer NCR tracker and participate in weekly NCR reviews with suppliers, Hitachi Japan and as & when required with Customer.

  • For India managed suppliers, verify suppliers’ inspection & test reports and provide the shipping release note to suppliers.

3. Product FAIs

  • Perform product FAIs and quality audits at suppliers’ works as & when required.

  • Support Project Quality Assurance Senior engineer during Customer FAIs & audits.

  • Coordinate with supplier, project office team & Hitachi, Japan & support to ensure that all open points of FAIs are properly closed, internally as well as with Customer

4. Project team involvement & support

  • Coordinate with Project Office team to ensure proper implementation of the document folder structure defined in Project share point.

  • Actively participate in internal & weekly technical meetings with Hitachi units & suppliers as well as weekly project meeting & Quality related meetings with Customer, as may be required.

  • Actively support cross functional teams, from quality side, for any joint issue resolution which may be required from time to time.

  • Support Project Quality Assurance Senior engineer & Project team for the activities related to continuous improvement of Quality Assurance by Organization including its parent/affiliated companies.

  • Integrate with organization’s Quality Assurance team based in Japan (Mito/Yamate) & Italy (Naples).

  • Support Depot Warranty team for troubleshooting and equipment replacements and accordingly tracking/updating the serial number list.

  • Supervising any fleet wide HECP’s being executed by Hitachi as well as by other OEM’s.

  • Inspection of the Hitachi supplied equipment’s in case of unforeseen failures or damages.

5. EHS & Code of Ethics:

  • Fully abide by the organization’s EHS guidelines, code of ethics & all HR guidelines as may be defined from time to time.

  • To Ensure the Hitachi supplied equipment replacements with strict adherence to safety to men and equipment.

Skills & Education:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in engineering (Preferably electrical and electronics) with 2-3 years of experience.

Core Skills:

  • Technical and Quality expertise for planning and performing tasks with minimal management direction on technical issues and Quality findings.

  • Quality Assurance & Control experience including product inspection.

  • Strong teamwork skills, strong verbal and written communication skills and root cause/ corrective action skills.

  • Supplier capability assessment and performance evaluation experience

  • Strong ability to properly balance good compliance practices with other business initiatives to avoid conflict and allow all objectives of the business to be satisfied.

  • Experience with balancing multiple and sometime conflicting business objectives.

  • General Quality tools such as logical reasoning, quantitative & qualitative analysis, 8D, quality & supplier auditing

  • Understanding of general engineering practices & manufacturing processes, tooling & calibration requirements.

Experience: 2- 3 yrs of experience in Rolling Stock Metro projects & minimum 1 year of experience in Industrial/ Supplier Quality Assurance activities of Rolling Stock Metro projects. It is desirable to have following experience: