Shift Support Supv In Training

Georgia Power Company
Waynesboro, Georgia, United States

Sourcing Requisition for Senior Reactor Operator In Training
(a/k/a SNC Shift Support Supervisor In Training 

Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC), headquartered in Birmingham, AL, operates Southern Company's six nuclear reactors at three locations in Georgia and Alabama: two reactors at Plant Vogtle, near Waynesboro, GA; two reactors at Plant Hatch, near Baxley, GA; and two reactors at Plant Farley, near Dothan, AL. In addition, significant progress has been made in the construction of two new reactors at our Plant Vogtle location. It's an exciting time to be part of our growing organization.

We will be hiring for Senior Reactor Operators (titled Shift Support Supervisors at SNC) over the next 18-24 months at each plant site. Our in-depth screening and background process requires sufficient time for applicants to express interest and engage in our selection efforts in advance of the actual hire dates.  Please note: when a SSS-IT class is scheduled to be filled, we will have a specific posting for the plant that will be hiring.  You will need to apply to the site specific posting.

Selected candidates for the Shift Support Supervisor will perform Operations staff functions for plant familiarization to prepare for an upcoming NRC Hot License Class. Candidates must successfully complete plant-provided systems and fundamentals training on reactor operation, heat transfer, fluid flow, and thermodynamics, as well as pass initial screening and annual medical requirements for acquiring and maintaining industrial fire brigade duties.

Upon the successful completion of Hot License Class and attaining an NRC Operating License, the SRO candidate will become a Shift Support Supervisor, directing operating shift personnel in the performance of plant duties. This will include standing watch on rotating 12-hour shifts, and coordinating and directing the operation of the nuclear power plant's systems. Shift work, continuous training with periodic examinations, respirator qualification, and maintaining qualification as a member of the plant Fire Brigade are all requirements of this position.

• Candidates will be required to meet at least one of the following requirements:
• 1 or more years as an active reactor operator at a BWR/PWR facility; OR
• 1.5 or more years as an active reactor operator at a non-comparable commercial power reactor; OR
• 2 or more years in a military equivalent position. Equivalent positions include:
• Engineering Officers of the Watch
• Preferred candidates will have six or more years experience in nuclear plant operations (e.g., Nuclear Navy or commercial power plant), including holding a previous NRC RO or SRO license or military equivalent
• Demonstrated leadership, preferably at the supervisor level or above, along with excellent oral and written skills.
• Solid analytical thinking and strong mechanical aptitude a must.
• High school diploma or equivalent is required
• Bachelor Degree in Engineering or related field preferred
• Should possess a high degree of manual dexterity and mature judgment

Other Requirements:
• The selected candidate will be required to obtain U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Unescorted Access and will participate in the company's Fitness-for-Duty Program.
• Candidates may also be required to maintain qualifications and on-call responsibilities in support of the plant Emergency Response Organization.
• In order to obtain unescorted access, the selected candidate will be required to complete a Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ).
• Information from this form will be used to conduct an extensive background investigation as required by Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
• It is unlikely you will be granted access if (1) you have had a positive drug or alcohol test within the past five years, (2) you have used or possessed drugs in the past five years, (3) you have a felony conviction in the past five years, (4) you have recent misdemeanor convictions, (5) you falsify or omit information or fail to fully cooperate during the investigation process. This list is not inclusive.