Transmission Line Mechanic-B

AEP Service Corporation
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Job Summary

Under immediate supervision of a qualified person, perform all types of work involved in the installation, maintenance, operation, removal and inspection of energized and de-energized transmission and distribution facilities, performing work required on energized transmission facilities by use of insulating protective equipment, live line tools, and bare-hand method. Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below.

Job Description


1) Perform duties in accordance with the Company's safety rules, regulations and practices and report unsafe conditions and practices.

  1. Report irregularities and abnormal conditions.
  2. Prepare, conduct and facilitate safety meetings

2) Perform all maintenance work on wood structures including the use of insulating protective equipment and live line tools.

  1. Establish proper elevation relationships on all new transmission structures.
  2. Identify pole species and structure configuration types of transmission structures.
  3. Calculate tool, structure and angle loadings.
  4. Layout, install, block and backfill all transmission anchorages.
  5. Perform all right-of-way control procedures in use of transmission lines.

3) Assist qualified personnel in work on congested energized circuits.

  1. Test for de-energized circuits and install ground for working circuits dead.

4) Under immediate supervision of a qualified person, be proficient in the use of live line tools, bare-hand techniques, rubber gloves and sleeves, and other accepted work methods.

5) Select the proper standard drawings and follow specifications and prints for each part of the job as laid out by Engineering.

  1. Read and interpret plan, profile and specification drawings.

6) Identify and be able to patrol transmission lines, locate, evaluate, report and repair transmission facilities.

7) Operate automotive equipment and its associated equipment, and perform duties incidental to the operation of such equipment.

  1. Assist in loading and unloading carloads of poles, truck and rail.

8) Maintain records and submit reports as required.

9) Maintain tools, equipment and work area in a clean and orderly condition.

10) Assist employees of equal or higher classification.

11) Attend and participate in training as assigned and assist in the training of other employees.

12) Perform similar or less skilled work.


Education requirements are listed below:High school graduate or GEDWork Experience requirement listed below:Minimum of 24 months satisfactory work experience as a Transmission Line Mechanic C or the equivalent ( as determined by the Company through demonstration, examination and performance appraisal).Licenses/Certifications: Valid Class A CDL is required


  1. Must be available to work overtime, call-out overtime and shift work, as required.
  2. Travel requirements are expected > 50 % of the time A physical abilities assessment is also required for this position.
  3. Shall have performed the duties of and have all the qualifications of Transmission Line Mechanic C and 24 months of on the job experience or the equivalent.
  4. Equivalent experience is determined at the time of the assessment and appropriate time step credit will be given.
  5. Shall qualify through demonstration, examination and/or performance appraisal as determined by the Company.
  6. Must demonstrate the ability and desire to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the duties and/or responsibilities of the key job (Transmission Line Mechanic A) in this job family.
  7. Must acquire within such time frame as determined by the Company, the qualifications necessary to perform the duties of the next higher classification in the line of progression, or vacate the current job classification.
  8. Must be familiar with line circuits and other voltages.
  9. Must be familiar with circuit switching procedures.
  10. Must possess and maintain a valid commercial driver's license.
  11. Must meet all vehicle operation requirements as designated by federal and/or state law.
  12. Must have a good working knowledge of the tools, materials and equipment used.
  13. Must possess the ability to deal with employees, customers and the general public in a courteous and proper manner.
  14. Considerable travel and overtime may be required with this position.
  15. Occasionally lift up to 100 pounds, frequently lift up to 50 pounds


physical demands required for this job include but not limited to; Amount of Weight Lifted from Floor/Ground to Waist Level - 75Amount of Weight to be Carried for 20 Feet - 60Amount of Weight Lifted to Chest Level - 50Amount of Weight Lifted to Eye Level - 30Distance to Walk Accumulated over the Course of an 8-Hour Shift - 2 MilesDistance in Feet to Climb and Work on a Ladder/Structure - 100 and HigherDistance in Feet to Ascend to and Work in a Bucket/Lift - 150 and Higher (Tested at 60’)Ability to Discriminate between Colors - Yes (Not Tested)

Compensation Data

Compensation Grade:


Compensation Range:

$35.53-36.08 USD

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